Zoo Zombies is an 1996 game that was released on Sega.


There are many animal characters,but the main are:

  • Joe,hybrid of koala and cat.He is nervous but courageous.
  • Hongeen,green monkey.She always uses kung fu techniques and talks like chinese philosopher,meaning that's she is from China.She is afraid of Henreich IV.
  • Swipe,gila monster.His favorite gun is Cowboy revolver.


There are many types of zombies.

  • In fact,Zombie,normal zombie.It walks slow.
  • Troll,flightless bat/goblin/monkey-like zombie that is very quick and jumpy.It has long claws.
  • Bubble,fat,large zombie with total fat mounds on belly.They walk slower than Zombie.
  • Flyer,bat-like relative of Troll.