I recently got suggestions from BrawnerWilliam on the main Game Ideas Wiki for stuff to add to The Element Chronicles, maybe my most prominent idea. I had a couple of ideas for the article, but I didn't think it would be a good idea to start editing the actual article and leave it in a state of flux.

SO, I will be spelling out my ideas on this wiki until it's suitable to put in the article itself! Enjoy.


The original idea for this territory was a world concerned with iron and metals, but I couldn't think of a very good name for a world consisting strictly of those, and even if I could, it felt as though it would kind of lack purpose.

So, I decided to name the territory "Aurus" after the atomic symbol for gold. The basic premise of the territory will be that it is the predominant territory for gold mining in Hanifell, being founded for that purpose, but has been ravaged for other metals as well, and so is covered in abandoned machinery, fuel, etc.  This territory is highly inspired by the planet Raxus Prime from Star Wars.

Possible Story Rework Edit

Instead of the current storyline, Gomorthos would deceive Rhey, and Rhey would use the Metakhronos Sword to torture and compel most of the gods to attack Hanifell. Rhea would object, and flee to the mortal world, able to remain out of the eyes of Rhey. Rhea would then act as a sort of a distant mentor and guide to Zeta. This means there would be no divine war, only a farcical war on humanity, and there would be a proper way to distinguish between good and bad. Plus, it would be more complex that way.

Also, there would be another sword powered by the elemental gems, so that they have more of a purpose.