Spider-Man the game is a game based on Spider-Man: The Animated Series, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man.


The game starts off 2 years ago when Ben Riley leaves an underground E.V.O. wrestling arena, ready to head back to providence when he notices the rebellious teen Rex making off with money. Then Circe, the girl that cheated him, asks for help. Ben refuses, watching the girl run after the teen.

At a Crime Tower, the Kingpin and Toomstone discuss that Spider-Man is throwing their crime scenes into chaos. Fancy Dan and Ox don new armours created by Phineas Mason and chase Spider-Man down, but he beats them to the point where they are arrested by police. Later at a Bridge Tower, Spider-Man is attacked by Montana, the Shocker, but knocks him off the bridge onto a boat, but saves him and takes him into custody.

That night, Quentin Beck, Flint Marko and Alex O’Hirn escape prison and split up. Flint escapes the police to an experimental testing laboratory where he falls into a particle accelerator and is caught in a nuclear explosion that turns him into the Sandman. After checking on his wife and daughter, he attempts to rob a bank, but is stopped by Spider-Man. He is chased into the Subway, where Spider-Man reduces him to mud, but he is caught by police.

At ESU, Max Dillon falls into a tank of genetically altered raisin eels and turns into Electro. Spider-Man fights him on the Night Street and accidentally neutralizes him.

O’Hirn is experimented on by Otto Octavius and is covered in a fluid that causes him to become the Rhino. He goes to the Daily Bugle and attacks Peter Parker. He turns into Spider-Man, but is knocked five floors down and climbs back up to the top floor, battling Hunter Killers and defeats Rhino.

The mysterious Hobgoblin attacks a demolition site and Spider-Man battles Hunter Killers until he fights Hobgoblin which results in the demolition. However, Hobgoblin escapes.

Later, John Jameson’s shuttle crashes on the Brooklyn bridge, so Spider-Man goes to save him. He finds Rhino stealing a Prometheus X, and is exposed to a liquid pouring out of the rock. He then defeats Rhino and he is arrested.

That night, a symbiote from the Prometheus X bonds with Peter and casts a black suit around him. He then uses information from Rhino to head to the Crime Tower, where he encounters the Kingpin and his Spider-Slayers. After defeating Kingpin, his professor Alistaire Smythe discovers there is no essence on the Prometheus X and Spider-Man almost kills Kingpin.

Later that night, Electro and Kingpin enter Ryker’s Island and frees Vulture, Sandman and Shocker, then gets them out to Manhattan. In Time Square, Spider-Man encounters Vulture and Electro, fighting the Spider-Slayers and returning Vulture to prison.

At the Metro Bank, Spider-Man pursues the Sandman into the sewers and almost kills him, but decides not to. He then makes his way up and realizes his suit’s webbing has completely vanished and become entirely black, and the spider symbol is larger, then sees a flash of a giant monster.

He then discovers Eddie Brock has been captured by Shocker. He follows his trail in a subway up a Bell Tower, fighting Spider-Slayers and Shocker until he almost drops him from the top of a building. He then realizes the black suit is changing him and throws it off the tower, but it lands on the all-too willing host of Eddie Brock, creating Venom.

Peter brings part of it to Curt Connors, who studies it and discovers it is a symbiote, and the rest is still out there. Spider-Man battles symbiotes and Venom, defeating him by luring him to a shuttle Launch Base, then causing the symbiote to separate and then attaching it to the shuttle. He then brings Eddie to Ravencroft.

Spider-Man later stumbles upon an abandoned warehouse and finds Kingpin and Landon passed out. Landon informs him that Alistaire Smythe fell into a neogentic pool and became part human, part lizard, part chameleon, part rhino and part mechanical, the Ultimate Slayer. Spider-Man manages to calm him by bringing him to his father after defeating him and he leaves.

Peter finds out that Curt Connors has disappeared. He discovers he was studying an ancient civilization and goes to India, where he finds Curt mutated into the Lizard again and cures him, then defeats Toomstone, who is revealed to be in partnership with the Kingpin. He manages to get back to New York with Connors and Toomstone also escapes with his life.

Later, Mary Jane is attacked by Hydro-Man, her ex-boyfriend Morris Bench. She lures him to a Lava Shelter, where Spider-Man defeats his clones and then Hydro-Man himself on a rooftop where he evaporates into nothing.

At Oscorp, Otto Octavius is testing a nuclear fusion artificial sun generation reactor when Norman causes it to overload and it explodes, fusing his four mechanical arms onto his spine. He then kidnaps Liz Allen and Spider-Man has to defeat him and rescue her and Coney Island.

At the Docks, Spider-Man encounters another of Oscorp’s agents, Kraven the Hunter. During the fight, his arm is cut, but he still manages to defeat Kraven. Dr. Stromm then extracts the blood Kraven tore out.

Norman, enraged that they are going bankrupt, merges the key components of Spider-Man’s blood with the symbiote part taken from the piece stolen from Curt Connors and uses it on himself, which causes him to severely wound Stromm. The Green Goblin kidnaps J. Jonah Jameson, Anastasia Hardy, her daughter Felicia Hardy and the Kingpin and brings them to Oscorp. Spider-Man goes to Oscorp and rescues all four of them and Stromm, then battles the Goblin. During the fight, he discovers he is Norman Osborn under the influence of the serum. He neutralizes the serum and gets him out before the building explodes.

Peter later escorts Felicia to Latveria and helps the Fantastic Four fight Doctor Doom. However, he turns out to be a Doombot Mk VI, but Spider-Man leaves them.

At Stark Enterprises, Venom attacks to steal the Interdimensional Probe and Spider-Man and War Machine try to stop him, but he is assisted by his offspring Carnage. Carnage escapes with the probe, but Venom is pommelled by Spider-Man and War Machine is taken to hospital.

Dr. Kafka and Dr. Connors get Eddie out of the symbiote, but Kafka is taken by Carnage. Eddie rebonds with the symbiote and becomes Venom again, but teams up with Spider-Man and Iron Man to defeat Carnage. They are all teleported into an Inter-Dimension with Baron Mordo, but they manage to defeat him, Carnage and Dormammu. Eddie stays behind with Carnage while Spider-Man, Iron Man and Dr. Kafka escape.

At a Hideout, Spider-Man encounters Molten Man, whom he soon realizes is Liz’s brother Mark Allen. After a heated battle that wrecks the hideout, he saves Liz and Mary Jane and stops him, but Hobgoblin drains his power and the NYPD takes him to prison.

At Oscorp, Donald Menken sells the specs for the Rhino Armour to Roderick Kingsley, but it is stolen by Silver Sable for Silvermane. Spider-Man beats her at a parking Lot with the aid of Rhino, but the building collapses and crushes the specs. However, they turn out to be a decoy set up by the Hobgoblin and Spider-Man defeats him and wounds his right leg, but escapes, then Spider-Man chases him and discovers him to be Jason Philip Macendale, which his father Roderick confers to be addiction to gases and anger at Hammerhead. Nick Fury calls Spider-Man and reports that John Hardesky, whom he realizes is Felicia Hardy’s father, has been captured from S.H.I.E.L.D. custody by Toomstone. As a young boy, he was tricked by Germans such as the Red Skull into stealing the super soldier formula that created Captain America, but managed to realize how evil they were in time and escaped without giving them anything. At the Crime Tower, Spider-Man is unmasked as Peter Parker to Felicia, under Doctor Octopus’ custody. Octopus almost kills John Hardesky, but Felicia manages to escape and injects herself with the improved super soldier serum recreated by Landon. Thanks to it, she gains the ability to turn into the Black Cat and helps Spider-Man defeat Toomstone, then becomes his partner. Two mercenaries known as Chameleon and Quentin Beck, frame Spider-Man for crimes. Spider-Man and Black Cat go on a Boat Chase as they try to rob Mayor Water’s party and confront Quentin Beck on a jetpack. He then escapes them and lands on the boat and becomes Mysterio, which Spider-Man and Black Cat defeat, but he escapes upward, but he turns out to be the Chameleon, while Beck escapes.

At a Christmas Party, Norman suffers from the serum accidentally being poured in his glass and becomes the Green Goblin again. He then helps Sandman escape from Ryker’s Island while Kraven frees Electro from a power plant, where Doctor Octopus sends the Sinister Six to defeat Spider-Man. First, he battles Green Goblin and wins, then forces Electro away, and fights Sandman back to prison and Kraven inside. After defeating Mysterio, he confirms that he is Quentin Beck this time and they were sent by Doctor Octopus in an Underwater Lab. Sandman and Mysterio are taken to prison, but Electro and Kraven escape back to Doc Ock, while Green Goblin goes free.

With Harry’s aid, Spider-Man discovers a tunnel leading from Oscorp to the Underwater Lab, where Electro is set free and Vulture is made Master Planner’s right hand man, while Tinkerer is his left.


  • Dark Times

(The scene starts off 2 years ago. 13 year old Ben Riley leaving an underground E.V.O. wrestling arena. He notices Rex run off with stolen money.

Circe: (stopping and facing Ben Riley) Hey, nitwit! Can you lend me a hand?

Ben Riley: Not my problem.