Spectacular Spider-Man is a game based on the series.


Peter explains that a year ago, he stumbled upon his father's research of using someone's blood to cure cancer. He used it with his own blood, but the test subject went chaotic using it. He was forced to kill him and then got rid of the sample, but it merged with the symbiote and made it stronger when it rebonded with Brock. Peter and Venom then fought at a football field, but Eddie was seemingly killed when he strode into a power line.

Afterwards, a mysterious character tells Doctor Octopus to destroy Spider-Man by making him suspicious. Peter says two years ago, Norman Osborn died and his two best friends, Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn are boyfriend and girlfriend now. Later, he finds himself attacked by Electro, who is defeated when exposed to the machinery used on the spider that bit Peter, turning him to Max Dillon and restoring his sanity.

Soon after, Shocker and Rhino escape the Vault with aid of Tinkerer. Peter retrieves his web shooters and defeats Tinkerer, then retrieves his costume and catches Shocker stealing money from a bank. They then fight and Shocker is defeated when his lasers are fused together as using them. Rhino later attacks the Big Man until he is defeated by Spider-Man and the suit is unfused from his body.

That night, Spider-Man is attacked by Black Cat, who wants to take vengeance on her father's imprisonment. He chases her into the city, where he realizes she has captured Gwen and Harry shows up. In saving them, Spider-Man is left vulnerable to Black Cat unmasking him to Gwen and Harry.

The next day, Harry now knows Peter is Spider-Man and won't talk to him. Later, Peter suffers from a headache at Latverian Embassy and encounters Venom on the roof, to his shock. He reveals that thanks to his serum, he was able to liquify his body and thus escaped while he was blinded by the shock and Green Goblin helped, to Peter's confusion. After he defeats Venom, Goblin shows up and takes a sample of Venom and escapes.

The next day, Mary Jane and Peter are talking about what happened when Mary Jane leaves and Peter watches Gwen and Harry and Goblin launches bombs that confuses the kids when they inhale the green gas from them and Harry, Gwen and Peter are taken to Oscorp Tower's underground lab, where Norman reveals he had invulnerability and disguised himself as Mr. Romann to get to the Cayman Islands and plotted there for the other two years until now. He then takes some of Harry's blood and his own with Venom's and puts it in Peter, turning him into Carnage and setting him after Venom, who absorbs Carnage into him, becoming gigantic.

At a construction site, Venom confronts Spider-Man with Goblin and Sandman returns, revealing his body reverted to sand after it was shattered as ice and he became peaceful on the wind. He fights Goblin while Spider-Man fights Venom. A quarter of a way through, Venom web slings Norman's Goblin Glider as he is about to destroy Sandman and puches him into Marko, exploding and destroying his enormous body. After another quarter, Spider-Man destroys the symbiote, which becomes enormous and eats him after another quarter away, of which he destroys it from the mind and it leaves.

Eddie passes out, but Goblin traps Spider-Man unmasked and prepares to impale him with his Goblin Glider, but Harry jumps in the way and is impaled. Spider-Man then defeats Goblin and he is arrested. Gwen and Peter watch as Harry dies and Peter gives up his role as Spider-Man, placing his costume in his closet, hidden. Gwen later arrives and decides to help him instead of blaming him.



  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Josh Keaton)
  • Carnage
  • Sandman (John DiMaggio)


  • Doctor Octopus (Peter MacNicol)
  • Gwen Stacy (Lacey Chabert)
  • Harry Osborn (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Mary Jane (Vanessa Marshall)
  • Toomstone (Keith David)


  • Venom (Benjamin Diskin)
  • Norman Osborn (Alan Rachins)
  • Electro (Crispin Freeman)
  • Tinkerer (Thom Adcox)
  • Shocker (Jeff Bennett)
  • Rhino (Clancy Brown)
  • Black Cat (Tricia Helfer)


  1. Football Field (Venom)
  2. ESU Laboratories (Electro)
  3. Manhattan Duel (Tinkerer, Shocker and Rhino)
  4. Street Chase (Black Cat race)
  5. Latverian Embassy (Venom)
  6. Oscorp Laboratories (Venom)
  7. Final Site (Venom and Green Goblin)