Sonic Riders Extreme is hoverboard racing game and the fourth game in the Sonic Riders series.

There are 8 characters plus 12 unlockable characters.

There is 20 courses divided into 5 cups.

Name Type Board
Sonic Speed Blue Star
Tails Flight Yellow Tail
Knuckles Power Rock Puncher
Amy Speed Pink Rose
Jet Speed Type J
Storm Power Type S
Wave Flight Type W
Dr Eggman Power E Rider
Unlockadle character
Name Type Board
Cream Flight Orange Cheese
Shadow Speed Darkness
Rouge Flight Lady Tripper
Silver Flight Psycho
Blaze Speed Fire Ball
Tikal Power Magic Board
Marine Speed Water Rider
Vector Power Chomper
Metal Sonic Speed Metal Racer
Cosmo Speed Green Plant
AiAi Speed Banana
Mario Speed Red Star
Ring Cup Spring Cup Chao Cup Emerald Cup Special Cup
Tails Circuit Sunny City Shadow Circuit Marine's Galleon Spring Treeway
Rose Beach Sonic Circuit Cloud Valley Rouge Casino Tikal's Snow Ruins
Cream Park Vector Jungle Firey Volcano Babylon Garden Monkey Temple
Knuckles Desert Silver Stadium Metal Airship Eggman Land Rainbow Road