A racing game starring the Shy Guys from the Super Mario series.  It will be a spinoff of the Mario Kart series, but it will have new features and track designs, as well as specialized abilities for different characters.


"As I mentioned before, Shy Guy racing will be exclusivly for Shy Guys, but that will not mean all characters will be the same."

Red Guy - Special Power up: Red Shell

Blue Guy - Special Power-Up : Blue Shell

Yellow Guy - Special Power-Up : Golden Mushroom

Green Guy - Special Power-Up : Green Shell

Snifit -

Beezo - 

Fly Guy - 

Fawful Guy - 

Boo Guy - 

Boom Guy - 

Grove Guy - 

Pyro Guy - 

Greaper - 

Paint Guy - 

Gourmet Guy - 

General Guy -