Paradigm is a multinational corporation that deals with the research and development of new materials that go towards the building of new houses and other structures. Headquartered in Albany, New York, Paradigm recently bought out the United States Maritime Vessel Company to take on seafaring operations. Paradigm is most known for helping to construct Project Binary a.k.a. Prominence, the first man-made oceanic city, which was ultimately funded by the United Nations.


Paradigm was founded by accountant Timothy Black in 2009 as an answer to the foreclosure rates within Ohio.


  • A paradigm is a model of something that is to be considered typical or the outlook of a methodology.
  • Paradigm's tagline "sustaining the future" is derived from the company's main objective: to provide and sustain the natural lives of citizens through innovative shelters.
  • Ever since Paradigm's founding, three new elements have been discovered. The elements are Brolyx, Normache and Abstronium. Brolyx shares similar compounds to Copper, Normache has stronger density than Iron and Abstronium is considered to be as compact as Steel.