This is a soft sci-fi series graphically devoted to Technology Porn and other such Cyberpunk impressiveness.

For now, this idea works as my placeholder of content compared to my other sci-fi game ideas. Everything not in LOW, Malevolent Space, Inescapeable, etc, is thought to belong here. This series is "more for the art", mainly because I'm working on all the other games first, and this is a catch-all for what's left in the meantime.

microchips implanted in peoples brain etc.

HEre are some notes for various Cyberpunk/Sci-fi games:Edit

One game allows for different armor levels for the female. One being almost no armor and a "sexy" shape. On the opposite side of the scale, complete tank mech for the female, with almost no way of telling what gender wears the suit. Perhaps a scale of 5?

Zero suit style, zero suit plus Mario Strikers Charged (no helmet), Fem Shep (optional helmet), (on Devientart) #Real-Armored-Women (helmet), Tank mech.

Range trades mobility for defense and health.