Mortal Kombat Generations is a fighting game developed by Netherealm Studios and WB Games.It is basically the 10th game in the Mortal Kombat series.There are 3 ways to play:Single Player,Multiplayer,and Online.There are 4 modes to play.Arcade Ladder allows you to play against 10 opponents and 2 bosses,Challenge Tower allows you to complete several challenges,Training allows you practice moves,and 2 Player vs allows you to fight against other people.

Kreate A Fighter allows you to choose an available fighter and change their physical appearance while still keeping their moves.There is a total of 26 characters,and youll start with the 4 most well known warriors.Each character has 2 fatalities and a babality.Each character's babality and 2nd fatality can be unlocked by performing them after a battle.The sub bosses are Goro and Kintaro,while the final boss is Shao Kahn.


.Scorpion .Sub-Zero .Reptile .Mileena .Sonya .Jax .Johnny Cage .Kano .Cyrax .Sektor .Jade .Kitana .Liu Kang .Kung Lao .Smoke .Sheeva .Shang Tsung .Rayden .Quan Chi .Baraka .Ermac .Sindel .Goro(Sub Boss) .Kintaro (Sub Boss) .Shao Kahn(Final Boss)