Current games hosted in the mansion:

  • Mafia (a card game)
  • Clue (a board game)


You begin at a party free to wander around the mansion in a first person perspective. Talk to guests, get a feel for the players. Mr. Boddy, the mansion owner at the time, wanders around the room. Every person has access to every murder weapon. And you murder him. Once that happens, a sound will play, and you won't have access to the tools anymore. Some plot related way of giving you the cards, and you begin playing the game of clue.

The cards... perhaps, those you see walking back from rooms are the ones you get cards for. And maybe, when you're in a room, you investigate, and the actual clues you find are through investigation. A minigame. Perhaps the game would be longer because of false leads and red herrings. Someone has a paper cut and gets the candlestick dirty, when the actual murder weapon was the wrench. Perhaps a realtime party not immediately broken up. Perhaps you were out in a specific neutral room, and you meet people, and you investigate them, but when someone murders Mr. Boddy, it isn't announced immediately. Maybe everyone starts from the same room. Clue, but not clue. 

You can make notes on a free text box as well as the grid. You walk around and enter rooms to suspect. Hopefully, it will be a slightly faster paced game because moving around is sped up slightly. If you accuse, which you can do from anywhere on your turn, incorrectly, you see a short clip of the murder by the person and the weapon in the right room. And this time, it's your murder. Get it right, and you see the remains of a police investigation.


Use the mansion as your meeting place. Everyone leaves, and does there own thing. The mafia tries killing someone. The Medic protects someone. The Police investigate someone. After that process happens, you return, and hear the generated story by the narrator. Who did what. Then you vote on who is hung. 

You can do alot with this mansion.