Lazer would be a small game available on things like the Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, Wii U eShop, 3DS eShop, etc.  I got this idea after thinking about how interesting it would be if a continuous line ricocheted off of every obstacle in its path, and the amazing path it would leave if that were to happen.

It first became a video game concept when I thought about a wacky obstacle course in my head and trying to get the laser to a certain point, like at the top.

I began to look at the situation from different angles, and in different ways, such as using three lasers from the same spot and reaching three different points, and then I thought about how it would be amazing if something like that were available on online gaming shops.

And thus an idea from a brain turned itself into a lively little idea page known as Lazer.  The gameplay of the game would be essentially just what I described, with trying to get a laserbeam from Point A to Point B through a variety of challenging and quirky obstacle courses.  Rest assured, it would be more addicting than it might sound.

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