So the original EC was kind of medieval, right? It was in a lot of ways still magic and monsters, more like Zelda and Elder Scrolls than anything else. Suppose you take that in a direction like Assassin's Creed or Zelda: Spirit Tracks, where people have come along to the point where they can harness the power of the elements to fuel their lives. They use the power of water to fuel water transportation and create power. Then when they reach a certain level of advancement, Zyr decides to intervene and mess things up (because he's mischevious)!

Things are already teetering on the edge, because the populace is already doubtful of whether the advancement of technology is beneficial. Hanifell is undergoing a sort of rapid industrial revolution, and people are wondering whether it's a good idea. Some revolutionaries are going anti-tech completely and leading movements to reel back its use on the basis that it will anger the gods. Zyr takes advantage of this tension to start sabotaging newer element-powered machines, leading to destruction and suffering.

This commences a sort of civil war over the use of technology.