LOW and its potential incarnations.

Entirely confused about how the series is going to work out. Anyways.


To be honest, i've tried to write this sections a couple times now. Every time, i click on the site link, come to this page, click the edit button, and stare. Stare and stare. On a good day, i switch to a new tab and ignore this article. On another, i sit thinking about how much the writing part of writing is far greator than the desire to share this idea. I need to figure out what activities actually invigorate me and relax me if I ever want to finish anything.?

I actually wrote a large portion of text in this article page. If you wish to read it, look here. It became a big destressor, so i may be able to contribute. Although writing it took an hour... so maybe not.

Problem solving the seriesEdit

Characters - why them?Edit


Conflict - definedEdit


Conflict - throughEdit



An ever growing list for brainstorming


While the users are put on a sliding scale of combat to stealthiness, enemies should get the three classes

Use age of Empires/Stronghold Crusader for command system and types of acceptable units for the enemy